Place-making project timeline

Summer 2021 – Consultants appointed and place-making sub-group started

Oct 2021 – Initial consultation and information gathering

16 Oct 2021 – Stall in The Square and survey of local people, businesses and community organisations

Nov 2021 – Consultants prepare preliminary findings and discuss with place-making sub-group

Dec 2021 – Consultants develop options for public consultation

28-29 Jan 2022 – Public consultation events at Wiveliscombe Community Centre and online (promotion to include leaflets to all households in town)

Feb-Apr 2022 – Consultants contact business stakeholders using the town centre and develop draft final proposals

June 2022 – Publication of final draft report and public  consultation

20 June 2022 – Report to Wiveliscombe Town Council

July – August 2022 – Consideration of responses to final consultation

Autumn 2022 – Report to Wiveliscombe Town Council