Revised vision

Revised vision

Having considered and responded to the June 2022 consultation feedback, the project group has prepared a slightly revised version of the place-making vision for  Wiveliscombe town centre.

The main revisions are:

  • An indent is shown for parking, including by delivery lorries, in The Square, so that more road width is allowed for vehicles passing through The Square.
  • Detailed design stages that follow will need to ensure vehicle access to Jews Lane and driveways off West Street, and to the archways to Printers Mews and Lion House off High Street. Parking spaces and pavement build-outs will need to be carefully planned and positioned.
  • The informal bus stopping point on the Co-op side of The Square should be moved to a stop at the town end of either North Street or High Street.
  • One of the new trees in The Square has been repositioned slightly, as the fingerpost is to be replaced at original location.

The revised vision will now be presented to the town council and their approval sought so the project can move forward.

There are still many steps to progress before the vision or parts of it can be implemented.

A key issue will be funding. Sources could include infrastructure funding from the new Somerset Council or grants from government and, possibly, other bodies.

Permissions for the works will have to be secured too. It is hoped the new Somerset Council will be able to assist with applications to secure these, as well as with implementing and building vision proposals for which funding is secured.

The vision provides a guide for improving our town centre. However, adjustments may be required as work proceeds, so it should not be regarded as a precise blueprint.

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1 year ago

[…] Revised vision […]

1 year ago

[…] Revised vision […]

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